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Blush Inspire

  • PILAR Botique 136 E 4th St Loveland CO 80537 USA (map)

Join us Thursday July 25th @ PILAR Boutique - 6:30-8:00pm

TOPIC: Finding empowerment in your health & fertility journey

— you may not be able to control the outcomes but you can make choices everyday to have power in working towards your goal.

You get put on birth control at a young age because you “need” to, you continue years or decades, often suffering side effects, just to then go off to have a baby and realizing you don’t know your body at all…

What happens then when things aren’t going the way you had hoped?

This is a scenario I went through and countless women I talk to everyday have as well.

The conventional world of women’s health can often leave us feeling ashamed, helpless, confused and asking for more answers.

My mission is to show you that there are other ways to approach your health care. From your energy, weight, hormones, to wanting to have a baby…

This message is for women of all ages on how you can gain empowerment in your health journey by finding answers to what is holding you back and reversing your symptoms and reaching your goals naturally.

I am Crystal Melanson, a functional nutritionist & women’s health & fertility specialist. I help women & couples maximize and mend their fertility & health naturally & prepare their bodies to conceive.

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Crystal Melanson
Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Genomix Specialist, Certified Natural Chef



to empower women enterprise through connection, inspiration and growth

The goal of Blush Inspire is to encourage all women to show up for themselves, promote women supporting women, cultivate sisterhood & encourage authenticity in your personal and professional life. 
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Blush Inspire